Liftoff, Geek or Unique!

Posted by Bev Hunwicks at

Hi! Welcome to our new website.

Goubot, Myself and the support team have been beavering away behind the scenes for over a year now to launch the site, but hopefully you will agree it’s been worth it.

It’s early days so we will be adding stock all the time, as and when Goubot gets it together to go and find some interesting stuff!

We will attempt to live up to the name of the site, but please bear in mind it is Geek OR Unique, we can’t promise to be both at all times.

So, have a good look, feedback is always appreciated. If you want to tweet, post, comment, pin or even snapchat about any of the things I have then please feel free – although probably not snapchat, no one wants a nude picture of Goubot.

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