The Pillars of Creation

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Despite the fact that myself and Goubot roam the galaxy looking for gubbins, we rarely get to see something as spectacular as the most recent Hubble images.

Check this out – it is actually where stars are born!

1990 was a full year - Total Recall came out (the good, Arnie one obviously), the Super Nintendo was released to the Japanese market and the Hubble Telescope was launched.

Now, in honour of its 25th year in orbit, The Hubble Space Telescope has taken new, bigger and better pictures of the Pillars of Creation, revisiting the images captured in 1995.

What you can see is towering clouds of interstellar gas and dust illuminated by the light of new born stars in the Eagle Nebula.

The largest of the pillars you see are reported to be four light years tall, and much has changed since the original was taken 19 years ago– in the new snaps a jet has been spotted which has stretched an incredible additional 60 billion miles!

Even in writing this, let alone looking at the images, I feel as though I am writing science fiction. It is easy to see where much of the inspiration comes from.

If you look really closely it is possible to see the Millenium Falcon in the background… or perhaps not.

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