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Goubot and I went to see Avengers, Age of Ultron last Thursday. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a Marvel Superhero movie. If you liked Avengers Assemble, you’ll like this too. It’s a chaotic, action packed, whack-a-minute riot. It’s pretty dialogue light and what talking there is, is either sprinkled with wit - in fact it’s laugh out loud funny in parts - or just used to drag the plot along to the next action set-piece. That’s not to say though that it’s either overly simplistic nor only worth watching for the action. Joss Whedon is not Michael Bay after all.

As ever with a Marvel movie it deals with big themes and the Promethean / MIltonian theme that pervades so much of the cosmology is powerfully in evidence here with Ultron being perhaps the most menacing example of a ‘Frankenstein’s Monster’ villain that we’ve seen in the spate of superhero movies in recent years. Hubris really can come and bite you in the behind when you’ve created a super-intelligent psychopath that can hide in the internet and create, and inhabit, an almost infinite number of bodies with which to try and belt you into the middle of next week.

The ensemble cast is energetic and charismatic. Mark Ruffalo delivers a complete performance as the Hulk and manages to give the green giant an extra dimension beyond his usual smashing self. Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye helps to ground the plot and add a layer of emotional; meaning that would perhaps not have been present without him. The new additions of Quicksilver and the Scarlet witch lend some youthful exuberance to the proceedings and add a nice touch of variety. Downey Junior continues to be as settled in as can be to the hugely entertaining Stark / Iron Man and while I’ve always found Captain America much too earnest and bit a USA, USA, USA! for my liking, he’s growing on me since the Winter Soldier. Of course, a movie with Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johannson always has someone nice to look at.

For Marvel it’s Ant Man next, before the next raft of movies including another Cap America, Thor, the debut of Dr Strange (which should be amazing) and the sequel to the massively entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy among many many others over the coming 3 or 4 years. If half of these manage to maintain the standards that Marvel are currently setting we’re in for a load of treats.

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