Jurassic World - Awesome or Rubbish?

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Wow, just saw the first TV trailer for this and thought it looked awesome! 

I’m sure I have mentioned before that Jurassic  Park is one of my favourite movies, much to GouBot’s disgust. I just don’t see how you can go far wrong with massive dinosaurs running amok, especially when they eat a load of people, and lawyers  

In Jurassic Park, I think they gave plausible reasons as to how the situation occurred - I believe it could definitely (probably) happen. In fact very recently I sent my best friend some insects cased in Amber with a note to that effect. (She is a scientist and wasn’t impressed). 

So I think the trailer makes Jurassic Wold look very exciting, giant dinosaurs everywhere, eating people, and the CGI looks great. It would appear that there is another theme park, although this time it seems to be more along the lines of a Seaworld type arrangement.  

Shockingly it transpires that despite all of the precautions the park owners took, the dinosaurs still manage to escape(!) Of course this time there is a hybrid that they have created in a lab too, just in case anyone is bored of all the normal dinosaurs... 

So I got very excited when the advert came on TV, but my best friend who was sitting next to me, and claims the first Jurassic Park to be her all-time favourite movie, thought the trailer looked rubbish. Imagine my shock and surprise. 

She pointed out to me that actually you can go wrong with the massive dino’s and the park formula, and that in fact Jurassic Park 2 and 3 are both very good examples of how this can be done. She makes a very fair point! 

Now I am confused, please help. Rubbish or amazing? What do you think? Can we make our collective minds up before 11th June when we can actually find out for sure.  

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