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I seem to be awake an awful lot at a silly time in the night/morning at the moment, which is fine, but should I be doing something more useful than simply tossing and turning and desperately willing sleep to happen? Obviously I have written this blog, but it’s not exactly what you might call useful. Hopefully entertaining, but you be your own judge.

Now, if I were Batman (bear with me, I know it’s a stretch) then I would either be shouldering the responsibilities of a billionaire playboy, in which case I might be at a rooftop party surrounded by beautiful people and cocktails, OR I would be pacing the halls of a jolly great mansion which would at least be good exercise. Unless of course I was fighting with baddies in dark alleys, which would be more stressful but possibly more rewarding.

I have been trying to catch up with JJ Abrams’ Alias, which frankly as a subject is a massive rant in itself, but one I will go on when I finish all the episodes. Anyway, if I were anyone in that then I would likely be receiving a phone call about now from a jolted ex/current spouse who is sleeping with the enemy, double crossing their current lover or friend, rediscovering their dead parent who isn’t actually dead or just generally saving the world in some convoluted manner which may or may not closely resemble the plot from a previous episode.

Noone has called or sent any sort of secret message however (unless it was really secret and I missed it, but this is doubtful). Although I have had some chats with upside down twitter followers on the other side of the world so thank goodness someone needs me.

If I were Buffy….well I think about that a lot because that would be awesome! Although what I meant was that she is always busy kicking vampire butt at night. So I could just go patrolling. Except I don’t really want to go outside and deal with the other weirdos that are up at this time in the middle of a British city, so that’s probably not an option. Indeed late night city weirdos are much scarier than your average vampire as I recall.

In which case, I’m probably more wuss than hero but we are where we are. I can’t help it, it all sounds like a lot of effort apart from anything else.

In any event, would it be more beneficial for me to run around in cool skin tight outfits in the middle of the night doing brave things, rather than trying to work out the meaning of life whilst worrying about nothing very important and desperately try to get back to sleep?

YEP! If you need me in the night from now on I will be in my cape and leggings (I do actually have a cape just so you know) running around the local park.

Actually, that sounds very silly. Maybe I will just finish reading Moby Dick first, that’ll get me back to sleep in five seconds flat.

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