Stormtrooper - Black & White (Signed print)

  • £35.00

Certificate of Authenricity Included

About the artist

Michael Golden is a writer and comic book creator with an awesome list of work for DC Comics, including Batman and Superman, for Marvel Comics including Avengers, Daredevil and Dr Strange and for Skybound the Walking Dead!

I’ve got prints that I think showcase the sheer variety of his work. His Batman has really kinetic lines, giving you the feeling that the Dark Knight is bursting off the page, the explosive power of Iron Man and Wolverine’s bestial nature shine through and you can’t escape the viscera of the zombies as Rick busts some heads in the Walking Dead #1 cover. 

When I met Michael (Goubot didn’t come with me and was quite jealous) he was kind enough to sign the prints you see here and I’ve got certificates of authenticity too. 


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